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Cut Sheet Thermoforming Machines

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The Brown Family of Cut Sheet Thermoformers

Cut Sheet thermoforming machines use pre-cut sheets of thermoplastics to produce products for a variety of industries such as automotive, appliance, recreational products, construction, dunnage, and horticulture. Our Cut Sheet Thermoforming Machine configurations include both Single Station and Rotary machines in Vacuum, Pressure, and Twin Sheet models from small to very large, to cover virtually all cut sheet applications. Bring us your thermoforming product ideas. We take the time to discover and thoroughly understand your product requirements, which in turn provides us the opportunity to apply our skills to configure the optimum equipment for even the most unique thermoforming application. Our fifty years plus of experience in thermoforming machinery manufacturing provides us with vast expertise in a variety of thermoforming markets and a multitude of thermoforming materials. We know we can build a thermoforming machine that will provide you a competitive edge.

thermoforming machine

Shuttle configurations

thermoforming machine configurations
S-222 - Single
S-223 - Double Ended
DE423 - Single Thermoformer and Single Loading Station

shuttle configurations

DE425 - Oven with Double Ended Thermoformers
and Dual Loading Stations

thermoforming machines

Rotary configurations

thermoforming machinery
Model R-223 Rotary Model R-244 Rotary Model R-224 Rotary


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