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Brown Machine offers a complete line of both continuous thermoforming machines (sometimes called in-line thermoforming machines) and cut sheet thermoforming equipment; from entry-level to the most technologically advanced thermoforming systems. Thermoforming machines are used for producing everything from very thin polypropylene plastic cups and lids to very thick thermoformed HDPE or PVC automotive and appliance parts. The thermoforming process is also used in food packaging to produce the clear, see-thru berry boxes and polystyrene foam trays found in your local supermarket, as well as thermoformed fast food and take-out packaging. It is also used for producing thermoformed medical equipment packaging and flower pots and trays in the horticultural marketplace.

In addition to machinery, Brown customers enjoy a complete package of process engineering, tooling, productivity enhancement kits, spare parts, 24/7 customer service and access to our state-of-the-art prototyping laboratory for thermoforming processes.

We are the only thermoforming manufacturer in the United States that offers a full range of products, and the corresponding support services, that ensure our customers success. Brown's machines are currently installed in 43 states and 65 countries worldwide.

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Brown Delivers

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Brown Delivers
Customer-Based Solutions

We are committed to engineering the best process and machine combination to optimize your part quality and production volume. By taking the time to fully understand your product requirements, Brown can build the solution that gives you a competitive edge in your industry.

Brown Delivers
Completely Integrated Solutions

Both Brown’s thermoforming equipment and thermoforming expertise are unparalleled. We are the only thermoforming machinery supplier that has the complete package of engineering design and manufacturing, of equipment, tooling, process, and the corresponding support services that ensure our customers’ success.

Brown Delivers
Today’s Real-Life Experience

Founded in 1952, Brown has over a half century of real-life thermoforming experience. We are in thermoforming facilities every day, listening, learning, and providing real solutions. Utilizing the unique combination of internal and external experience results in the most comprehensive and successful solutions for virtually any material or any product.

Brown Delivers

Brown is the established benchmark for innovative designs of equipment and tooling. By continually communicating with our customers, we understand the ever changing market, material, product and process requirements. We are driven to provide new technologies and solutions to meet these challenges…… and more.

Brown Delivers
Global Solutions Expertise

Brown is dedicated to delivering world-class thermoforming technology to a worldwide customer base. We provide customer service, parts & support on a global scale while adhering to a certified ISO 9001 quality management system.

brown machine
Eaton Bussmann CUBEFuse Product Safety Bulletin.
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