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Thermoforming Equipment Productivity Kits

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Need Productivity for Your Thermoforming Machines?
Retrofit Kits or Remanufacturing Can Be Your Answer

Brown Machine offers a wide array of retrofit kits to upgrade your current thermoforming equipment. Like other capital equipment, your thermoforming machinery eventually becomes technically outdated or inefficient. Adding a retrofit kit can provide features and options that were not available on your original thermoforming machines. Retrofit kits can provide improvements in speed, reliability, safety, productivity or ease of control. In addition to the standard retrofit kits available for your equipment, Brown can provide you with a custom retrofit kit designed specifically for your requirements.

If your thermoforming equipment requires significant upgrades or your machine condition has deteriorated, Brown Machine offers complete remanufacturing services. We remanufacture all brands and models of thermoforming equipment. By upgrading worn or outdated thermoforming equipment with the latest technology, remanufacturing provides performance approaching "new machine" capabilities for maximum return on your thermoforming equipment investment.

Contact Brown Machine to speak with a sales representative about the retrofit kits and remanufacture services available for your thermoforming machines.

Standard Retrofit Kits Available:

Cut Sheet

AL90 Clamp Frames
Electric Rotate
Pin Bar Clamp Frames
Extruded Aluminum Clamp Frames
Platen Dampening Anti-drift
Platen Safety Lock
Oven Safety Screen
Machine Controls
Oven Upgrades
Oven Controls
Rim Locks
Quick Change Mold Package

Continuous Equipment

Sheet Cutoff System
Electric Index
Slide Rails
Hydraulic Bottom Platen Speed Control Integrated Controls
Sheet Edge Pre-heater
Upstacker Module
MC-Servo Retrofits
Machine Controls
Oven Controls
Quick Change Mold Package
Unwind and Unwind Roll Stand
Smart Control

Lip Rollers

LR-5 Belt Converyor Systems
Mechanical Digital Position Indicators
Vortex Cooling System
Infeed Conveying System
Product Detection Monitor
Silicone Applicator
IR Oven Sensor

Trim Presses

Split Sleeve Connecting Rods
Servo Flex Feed System
Servo Nip Wheel Feed System
Motorized Bell Crank
Counterbalance System
Treadle Box
Canopy NIP Feed
Turntable System
Servo Ejector
Stationary Platens
Moving Platens
Platen Slide


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