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Tooling for Thermoforming Machinery and Processes

Thermoforming Machinery and Processes

Delivering Tomorrow’s Solutions Today

Extensive knowledge of thermoforming machinery and processes for virtually all plastic materials has made us a leading tooling supplier. Through this combined knowledge and experience, we can optimize your thermoforming machines and thermoforming tool requirements, as well as develop proprietary materials, features and applications. Complete tooling packages and components are available for various brands of thermoforming equipment. Our 3D modeling and CAD/CAM software facilitate precise design and machining of your tooling. Brown provides a full range of tooling solutions to fit your specific application for various brands of thermoforming equipment; including form and match metal trim tooling, form/trim-in-place, form and steel rule or forged die, tooling with stacking, as well as upgrades and replacement components for your existing tooling. The Brown Machine Tooling “turnkey” approach ensures end-product quality and avoids time-consuming, costly startups. The tooling build-out process at Brown includes daily interface in all aspects of production, and various internal meetings guarantee tooling project success. Timely face-to-face project reviews between your company and Brown ensure clear and complete communications on specifications, expectations, and performance. That’s how Brown Machine can provide you with a prototyped, sampled, tested and proven machine and tool solution.

Full Solid Modeling of Tools – Unigraphics (EDS) CAD System

Brown Machine designs all tool assemblies and discrete components as interactive solid models. Manufacture of each component comes directly from the electronic solid model thus reducing both defect rate and calendar time. We employ efficient manufacturing processes that include machining, assembly, inspection and testing. Certified ISO 9001 since 1998, we employ continuous improvement methodologies that encourage a creative approach to process improvements and cost reduction.

Most Advanced Engineering Design Process

Brown Machine maintains a set of “standard practices” for the design of thermoforming tooling. These standards assure consistent, reliable designs for each new tool we supply. All engineers follow the same concept and design throughout the development of your tool. We also utilize a standardized tooling checklist designed to ask “all the right questions” each time a new tool is being specified. Our custom-designed tooling programs aid in the development of your specific tool. By utilizing years of experience, applying physics, inputting cycle times, material information, as well as other variables, the program calculates and actually lays out the basic tool. The program performs a series of calculations to insure optimum production levels.

Completely Integrated Solutions Provider

Brown Machine offers a complete line of both continuous and cut sheet thermoforming equipment; from entry-level to the most technologically advanced thermoforming systems. In addition to machinery, Brown customers enjoy a complete package of process engineering, tooling, retrofit kits, spare parts,
and 24 / 7 customer service.

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